Friday, April 13, 2012

IMTU: Issues of Pay

One side effect of living on a ship is that your cost of living is paid and you don't get a lot of temptation to spend. When the crew does get to go on-planet it is not long, and these usually count as business expenses.

Mariner Pay

The pay is not that good, by TL10 standards these are struggling jobs. But struggling in TL10 or TL9 has a very different quality of life and cost of living standard compared to our TL8 perspective. Pay for Gov’t Employment is declared, but Private does not follow the same suit, it depends company to company.
Green Crewman (PL-10)$3,000$36,000$72,000
Seasoned Crewman (PL-11)$3,250$39,000$78,000
Veteran Crewman (PL-12)$3,500$42,000$84,000
Petty Officer (PL-11)$4,000$48,000$96,000
Petty Officer (PL-12)$4,250$51,000$102,000
Officer (PL-12)$5,000$60,000$120,000

TCO is just simple equal to the Annual Pay.What is part of manpower indirect cost?
  • Cost of living
  • Equipment and Its Depreciation: Smart Vacc Suit, Work related devices,
  • Benefits and Insurance.
  • Officers get a company savings equal to 30% tucked away, earning about 3d% (rates vary per gov’t) a year for navy or 2d% per year (+1 for every multi-million size of patron company). This basically makes them earn a lot more than it appears in their pay slip.  
  • Petty officers get a kind of company saving but only equal to 15% of their pay.

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