Tuesday, April 17, 2012

IMTU: Waypoint Base

This is the first ship to travel to Bernard Star as of ISW22 The Jump Drive, it has enough jump capability to Jump 4 times. This means it can jump to Brown Dwarf, and the next star system in ~1 parsec range and jump back 2 to Sol System. It will take a while to refuel and though, and this ship is really meant to collect as much data as possible. This is not the star leaper, it could be one of the many other ships used by the other great nation states: like China, India, Germany, or Pacific Rim etc...

Its the largest ship that can be built with the technology base. It has enough space for a accompanying 400dton ship which I have yet to figure out. I was thinking a ship that can do planet fall.  It has supplies for a year with the addition of $822M of supplies. It has some missiles and autocannons to shoot down straying projectiles that this very bulky ship can't dodge. The missiles racks are for probes.

In ISW 2170 this would be a living museum but its pretty interesting dressing in the era.

TL9 4,000 Dton Waypoint Base
Tech Level: 9
Hull: 4,000-dton Dispersed Hull, dDR 10 armor.
Systems: 10 Maneuver Drive, Command Bridge, Model-9 Sensors (Scan 22), 2 Workshops, 1 Labratory, 1 Survey Module, 1600 Dton Hangar Bay (for 400dton ship, 10 Fuel Skimmers, and 5 Ships Boats), 15 Light Turret, 24 Assault Cannon 25mmCL, 6 Missile Racks (for probes), 15 Fission Power Plant, Cargo 1,844dtons.

Statistics: Emass 1,864 tons, Lmass 9,000 tons, Cost M$1,900, SM +11, Asig +11, Hull dHP 62, 120 Life Support, sAccel 0.2G, Jump-1 Capability (capable of 4 jumps), 600mph.

Crew: Command Section (6 officers, 3 Petty officers, 3 Crewman). Flight Command (15 Officers, 15 Crewmen), Engineering (3 officers, 5 Petty, 16 crewmen), Gunnery Section (2 Officers, 5 petty, 9 crewmen), Maintenance (1 officer, 2 petty, 7 crewmen), Flight Section (1 officer, 1 crewman), Life Support (1 officer, 1 petty, 1 crewman), general Services (1 officer, 1 petty, 2 crewmen), Medical (1 petty, 1 crewman), Specialists (3 officers, 1 petty, 1 crewman). Total 33 officers, 20 petty officers, 55 crewmen.

TL9 1,000 Dton Fuel Skimmer
Tech Level: 9
Hull: 300-dton Airframe Needle/Wedge Hull, dDR 10 armor.
Systems: 1 Maneuver Drive, Large Cockpit, Model-0 Sensors (Scan 12), 1 Fuel Processor, 15-1/2 Fuel Tanks, 5 Fission Power Plant, Cargo none.

Statistics: Emass 154 tons, Lmass 170 tons, Cost M$65, SM +7, Asig +7, Hull dHP 27, 2 Temporarly Life Support, sAccel 1.2G, No Jump Capability, 2,700mph.

Crew: Command Section (1 officer). Total 1 Officer.

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