Friday, April 13, 2012

IMTU: Thinking about Operational Cost Ver 2

I wonder what the operational costs of following will look like:

J-1 100dton
J-1 200dton
J-1 400dton
J-1 1000dton
J-1 4000dton

J-2 100dton
J-2 2-jump 100dton
J-2 200dton
J-2 2-jump 200dton
J-2 400dton
J-2 1000dton
J-2 4,000dton
J-2 10,000dton
J-2 20,000dton
J-2 50,000dton

What would happen if I built these all with my revised Life Support rules and the consideration that only 2/3 of cargo really can be filled up. I better get my desktop at home working, it would be much easier to do all these if I had a bigger screen.

The microboats of M. Gelis is a big deal in the way the workflow goes. It has 6 passengers, if they all wear their smart vacsuits plugged in to the ships power plant, it can carry the advanced party on planet quickly. Also it may allow a ship to avoid a lot of berthing and moving costs for the ship. Since it is so modular and small, I've made it standard in all my ship designs.

Also I've begun to add in my spreadsheet the Life Pods in UT232 as a vehicle bay: life pods (holds 4 people) 2dtons. I also changed the Low Berth to use the Hibernation Chamber in TL9 and the Suspended Animation Tube in TL10 UT198.

Maybe later on I'll built out the warships. Since they are Non-revenue generating units, they have to have the highest bang per buck.

I also have to make the templates for the Robots tools for the ship. Too bad I can't read in the car... :P

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