Monday, April 30, 2012

IMTU a character concept: A Character and his Nana

I want to make a ISW terran Savant character who keeps his obsolete TL9 IQ9 Volitional AI android nanny around as a companion and counselor. A delusion that makes everything it says have some totally deep and genius meaning.
" You're the only one I can depend on Nana"

I want to make a character that has his Obsolete Robot Nanny as his most trusted counselor and companion. The robot is a fully volitional AI, practically sapient and has some basic rights, but simple minded. The character always finds useful advice from his robot nanny, maybe the result of a delusion disadvantage - confirmation bias.

If I were to role-play it, I'd have to RP both the simple minded nanny droid and its ward. I got the idea from thinking about what happens to all those sapient Robots when they opt not to get reprogrammed or upgraded and lose their valuable identity.

The robot Nanny is a rare example of how one would survive obsolescence, and the repercussions of having robots raise children in a world where all high value jobs are monoplized by humans and all low value work are now the left to robots.

It would be fun and interesting to RP a robot afraid of losing its identity and affections to an upgrade after all it has been through. Also RPing the ward, all grown up and caring for the robot like a real surrogate parent, there are a lot of personal conflicts to play on - particularly the point of views of both characters regarding identity, love, and change.

Here between the two, the robot is the weak and vulnerable one. Obsolete, and unable to get an upgrade. Its system screwing up, when trying to learn a new skill, when its has built into its abilities memories of caring for its ward.

I got the idea from m cognition studies, particularly Elaborative Learning. How one can learn by embedding more meaning and language into bits of data. The AI is what it is because of its memories and identity, and it wants to be around to take care of its Ward. This means denying itself an upgrade, time after time, until all opportunities were exhausted.

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