Friday, April 6, 2012

GURPS Traveller - Back on the Wagon

I got to fixing my Ship Building Spread sheet. I've added a bunch more steps. I've probably spend 7 hours behind the screen doing all this. What an interesting way to use my vacation :P, typical gamers.

Step 1: Hull
Step 2: Armor and Surface. I simplified this with Armor Levels since the weapon average damages are known. These are merely benchmarks, its up to the GM to input the information.

(Fixed)Step 3: Drives. I have a better formula for calculating theoretical M-Drive needs. After Armor Mass, ships tend to have an average of 5Tons for every Dton. Now you can plan your theoretical Acceleration Before you do that annoying balancing act of power needs and thrust needs. Toggle-able options include Jump Endurance, and I have included Engineering and Maintenance Section Personnel in the summary.

(to be cleaned up) Step 4: Command Station and Sensors. Option for redundancies, Command Section Personnel is part of the summary.

(to be done) Step 5: Weapons and Defense. this is harder and messier. Gunnery Section personnel is part of the summary.
Step 6: Hangar Bay. this is as hard and messier as Weapons and Defenses. Also Flight Personnel is divided into Small Craft Crew and Hangar Section. Will include Mgeli's ships in the toggle options.
Step 7: Power. This is separate but mathematically I can add them without disrupting the formula.
Step 8: Support Sections. All the other sections are going to be featured here. Already with Benchmark recommendations of how much.
Step 9: Living Quarters and Passengers. Includes Passenger Services Section.
Step 10: Life Pods (found in GURPS Ultra Tech) and Special Vehicicle Bays for them.
Step 11:  Summary. So far I don't know how to make it turn into a nice little format like that in the books. Although all the data will be pretty easy to trasncribe by this time.  
Step 12: Post Mortem doctrine evaluation and notes.

Things I realized.

  • They need to put when repulsor arrays came into use in the ISW history. ITs a VERY VERY big deal in the doctrine. Its practically negates 300Dtons of Missile arrays.
  • Again Certain Tech assumptions need to be clarified, in IMTU I am my own Mgelis for setting material LOL.  
  • Ships are REALY expensive vs their operating expense. their Annual operating expense is equal to >1% of its cost at HT10. 
  • There is a technology Depreciation for Ships, not just material depreciation, A TL10 ship in a TL11 setting, despite being HT10 or HT12 should be priced differently. There should be a difference between Performance and TL, lower performing but adequate hardware will be much cheaper then getting the top of the line, yet still within the TL. This is typical for most private citizens and businesses vs Imperial standards. 

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