Friday, April 27, 2012

Some good links to share: generators

I get it Don Jon thanks to Jurgen for the Link.

I was inspired by Evangelion 2.0, Underground Cities of Cappadocia and Open Source Ecology to ratify in my sci-fi settings that to protect from orbital bombardment, humans build elaborate mega underground structures miles deep.

The scale is about 1 square is 10sqm x 3-5m height. It is intentionally big because tech allows it to be and that humans don't like living underground... they have to but it doesn't have to be claustrophobic. Like the sample map below: a small commune/village: break it down to assignments food production, storage, power plant, living and recreation space, workspace, and special needs spaces etc.

I can use gradient color coding to show areas that go deeper or higher. All these don't have to be in the same plane. This could be a Meshan Town in 2170 when terra secretly rebuilds her, PCs are terran merchants shipping raw materials for self sustaining community.

I also found this Iso Mage's World map generator. Just for topographic needs. Check it all out.

If all these exported into a PDF i could write my game notes using Good Reader on the road.

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