Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Latest Project: Automating ISW122: Placing Worlds

Ok my latest project is automating the chapter on Placing Worlds in GT:ISW. Organization is one of my biggest hurdles, it is a spreadsheet not a program so the way it is organized has to take inconsideration the process of creation.

Anyway, what I did was I got all the steps and substeps rolls and created all the rand functions for them. So in a Line (like the line of stats in ISW's world data) all the rolls, about 16-18 steps and substeps, are all determined there. I just finished Step 1 Determine World Type and the sub category Hostile Worlds. There is about 18 more steps to go :P

I first have to make the World generator first, then the system generator which I will do after I purchase GURPS space for $25. I want to be able to detail the system with a interesting amount of variety. I want binary stars, multiple gass giants and the strange mix of gass giants and planets and moons. Some systems that can have a lot of stuff in it, some systems that has WAY more real-estate than Sol (x2 to x10!).

I still have a lot to research, I want to make a spreadsheet that can translate Classic Traveller System codes to its original CT stats and a way to use the same codes to generate similar systems with the up-to-date System Generation process in GURPS 4E.

If I had to buy Nbos's Astronsynthesis I'd have to also consider buying a Windows OS and the headache of setting up a dual boot on my laptop :(( Is not that I can't afford it, although it will cost about $50 over here for the home edition and that will eat up my book allowance. That adds up to $85 vs having to spread that cost in a bunch of other expenses. I can buy other mapping tools, for $50 I can buy a 12" drawing tablet so that I can draw maps... maybe I should list down all my opportunity costs for the $85.

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