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IMTU: abbrevations for ships and squadron composition

Part of my detailing IMTU:ISW setting. I wanted to paint a more detailed picture of current circumstance and the past. My idea for the game is nothing new, I want to focus from the Terran perspective. Characters can live up to 100years and have the generational epic, with the future historical feel found in the Foundation and done in Legend of Galactic Heroes

Ideally I want to narrate from the Present, and the generation of my son (who is 14 mo. old) and how he ages into the Intrastellar Era of humanity, towards the Interstellar Era. 

Traveller warships TL10
Borrowed heavily from honorverse and using JTAS: The Imperial Navy in a 4th Edition GURPS Campaign Part I by Mark Gellis August 11, 2009.

This is my initial sketch, will update during the week...

SC —- Small Craft [no jump capability]
SCFL —- Light Fighter (10dtons)
SCFH —- Heavy Fighter (20-50dtons)

System Defense No jump capability
SDB —- System Defense Boat (400dtons)
SDDD —- System Defense Destroyer (2000dtons)
SDCR —- System Defense Cruiser (5000dtons)
SDBB —- System Defense Battleship (10,000dtons)
SDCC —- System Defense Carrier (20,000dtons)
SDDN —- System Defense Dreadnaught (20,000dtons)

Destroyers maxed out turret point defense, accel +5G
DDL —-  Light Destroyer (1k)
DD —- Destroyer (2k)
DDH —- Heavy Destroyer (3k)

  • All cruisers are capable of +4G accel and wilderness refueling
  • They are always accompanied by the maximum amount of marines per dton.
  • Cruisers have small craft enough for boarding
CRP —- Patrol Cruiser (400dtons)
CRF —- Frigate (1k)
CRV —- Corvette (2k)
CRL —- Light Cruiser (3k)
CR —- Cruiser (5k)
CRCC —- Carrier Cruiser (10k)

  • Battleships have 80% turrets on bay or spinal mount weapons
  • Battleships have at least 4G accel
  • Battleship have redundant command stations
  • dDR is at 400
BBCR —- Battlecruiser (20k)
BB —- Battleship (30k)

  • All carriers carry at least 80 fighters
  • 80% Turret slots are for Point Defense, 20% for missile racks using special armament. 
CRCC —- Carrier Cruiser (10k)
CC —- Carrier (20k)
CCS —- Super Carrier (50k)

  • Dreadnaughts have at least 700dDR,
  • Redundant Command stations
DN —- Dreadnought  (20k)
DNS —- Superdreadnought (50k)

  • All Auxiliary are capable of Wilderness refueling (with fuel skimmers)
  • Has x10 the amount of workshops and sickbays
  • Has x2.5 the amount of crew it needs,
  • always accompanied by marines
  • Carries 20stons per dton of cargo in supplies
AAS —- Super Auxiliary (50k)
AAH —- Heavy Auxiliary (30k)
AA —- Auxiliary Ship (20k)
AACR —- Auxiliary Cruiser (10k)

1 DN squadron (2 DNS, 2 CCS, 4 DN)
1 BB squadron  (2 BB, 2 CC, 4 CRBB)
2 AAS squadron (2 AAS, 2 AACR, 4 CR)
4 CR squadron (2 CR, 2 CRBB, 4 CRL)

2 CR squadron (2 CR, 2 BBCR, 4 CRL)
2 AA squadron (2 AACR, 2 DD, 4 CRF)
4 DDH squadron (2 DDH, 2 DD, 4 DDL)

SDD squadron (2 SDDD, 6 SDB)

Other Squadrons
AAH squadron (2 AAH, 2 AACR, 4 CRL)
AA squadron (2 AA, 2 AACR, 4 CRL)
AACR squadron (2 AACR, 2 CRL, 2 CRV)
CRL squadron (2 CRL, 2 CRV, 4 CRF)
CRV squadron (2 CRV, 2 CRF, 4 DDL)

TL1O Economic Doctrine
FFM —-  Mega Freighter 50,000dtons
FFS —-  Super Freighter 20,000dtons
FFH —-  Heavy Freighter 10,000dtons
FF —- Medium Freighter 5,000dtons
FFL —- Light Freighter 2,000dtons
TH —- Heavy Trader 1,000dtons
TT —- Trader 800dtons
MM —- Merchantman 200-400dtons
CU —- Courier 100dtons

TL9 Interstellar Economic Doctrine
FFM —-  Mega Freighter 4000dtons (diffused hull)
FFH —-  Heavy Freighter 2000dtons (diffused hull)
FF —- Light Freighter 1000dtons
MH —- Heavy Merchantman 400dtons
MM —- Merchantman 200
CU —- Courier 100dtons

TL9 Early Intrastellar Economic Doctrine
same as above but accel averages at 0.2G (the amount of the relative cargo space to tonnage).

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