Wednesday, April 25, 2012

ISW122 - Bloody Progress Update

Fixed Step 1. I had to fix the World Type because I missed a Roll, which is If Barren %chance barren (rock) and %chance barren (ice). :((.

Step 2 World Size. Created a If function that made the World Size roll apply to the correct table. Then made another set of IF's that got the correct density modifier. Then the correct density reference table, which needed a formula for that and for the Modifiers. The grravity formula is easy when all that data is present. That took about 1.5 hours of my free time.

Next is Atmosphere. at this rate I have 11 hours to go :(( I don't know how i'm going to do trade routes which is step 14.

Plans so far.
the Automated Subsector Data Table - The first step is to make Sheet that can generate data like that on the Subsector Data tables. This data table begins with One line (row 3 in my case), which can be dragged to be replicated. the rolls are all in a hidden column colored yellow.
Ctrl+Shift+F9 recalculates ALL randbetween functions on a sheet. So if you want to preserve a sheet that has generated data, save it under a different file name and make it read-only.

System Placement Automation - Once the Subsector Data tables are set up are set up the next low hanging fruit is System Placement Table in ISW121. Basically an option for a sheet to generate enough data on a subsector according to the parameters in ISW121.
Automated Generating Star Systems, Using GURPS Space. Since I've done automation of RAW for ISW , I can move to something more rewarding which is a more detailed system based on GURPS Space. Basically a way to determine how much real estate in a system and the Automated Subsector Data Table is the tool that adds detail to the Contents of a System. I don't know how complicated GURPS space is and if it can be done with a spreadsheet.  

I don't know how to create a 3d Map, except maybe using the near system map on wikipedia and use a blender as a mapping tool.

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