Tuesday, April 3, 2012

What If Radical Future Era Societies Grew Rapidly? reasons to go the surface

People live longer, they can have more than one family in their life time. They are more productive and technology allowed us to multi-task to a degree allowing us to juggle quality time and work better. The assumption that people still like to have families and raise children. A population that lives longer and is more productive might be a formula to rapid expansion within a Star System? 

What if economic/gdp with population growth was at 4-5%, 6-7% and 8-9%? I've set my assumptions of how much  it takes to support a society for worlds and for stations, now consider how much demand is generated when population grows at those rates? I just made a table of the multipliers and if you consider the GURPS: ISW timeline what 40 years would mean if productivity is at growth of 2% (the dominant assumption); what if it was as high as 5% or even 9%? The multiplier at 2% is x2.21, at 5% x7 and at 9% x21! 

So many new communities, societies, and people who want to have their own piece, finding how easily where their current markets so easily saturated, going out, farther outward.  

I got the idea when looking at the catch up stories of all the emerging economies, and what it means is that even if everyone caught up to around 20% of the quality of life of the developed world. When everyone's buying power increase, that means that there are just more and more markets. Everyone has buying power and everyone can be your market. Such extremes of economies of scale can bring down the relative cost of translations/target marketing. 

It's actually pushing the limits of automation and logistics, that becomes the growing problem when you 
have a light speed barrier. 

Maybe for my ISW setting i'll roll 1d+1% growth rate, averaging at about 4.5% growth rate (a war time of 2% and a Peace time of 7%). 133 years from 2170 to 2303 (ISW40), at around an average 4% growth many economies that were captured from the very start of the empty peace would have grown by 348 times. If we were to use 2% that would be only 14 times; I can use the 2% as a pure population growth rate and at that level some population ratings would have increased at an average of x14, at one level plus. 

That would have put Nushku at 15B, in the system, or if you just take the whole sub sector you can distribute that population to Aggida. 

So I was imagining how a futuristic era would be if growth was very high and a whole universe to fill, and i think it would be very interesting and if I can imagine the individual lives people could possibly lead, being able to play so many roles in such a long lifetime where worlds grow so quickly.

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