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[GURPS Traveller: Interstellar Wars] The Default Campaign: Terran Free Traders

The Default Campaign: Terran Free Traders (google docs link)

Character Creation Guidelines

Step 0: Pre-game Prep.
  • Familiarize with the Game Setting and Background history.
    • Chapter 1 (ISW6), Chapter 2 (ISW17), and Chapter 3 (ISW48)
  • Familiarize with the Default Campaign in ISW 229.
Step 1: Go to and scroll down to “The Roller”. On the first blank, follow the instructions by placing your email address. On the second space, place the GM's email address, my email address (; change numbers to letters).
Step 2: On the “Summary of Rolls”, place the player's name, the word “character” and a number to identify the character submited and date. Ex. justin character 01.
Step 3: Under “Show Results”, select Both.
Step 4: On Roll One, input the following:
under Number of Rolls: 8
under Dice Type: 3d6
under Rolls per Line: 8
under Comment: Roll for ST, DX, IQ, Per, Will, HT, no. of Talents, and Social Status
Step 5: On Roll Two, input the following:
under Number of Rolls: 5
under Dice Type: 1d70
under Rolls per Line: 5
under Comment: Roll for Talents.
Step 6: On Roll Three, input the following:
under Number of Rolls: 5
under Dice Type: 3d6
under Rolls per Line: 5
under Comment: Roll for Talent Levels .
Step 7: Player Perk Roll
On Roll Four, input the following:
under Number of Rolls: 4
under Dice Type: 1d6
under Rolls per Line: 4
under Comment: Roll for Player Perks.

Step 8: Refer to the following:
Step 8.1: On Roll One: the EIGHT 3d6 die rolls are for determining ST, DX, IQ, Per, Will, HT, No. of Talents, and Social Status in the stated order.

3d Roll
Ability Scores
No. of Talents
Levels of Talents
Social Status
A score of 9
One Talent
One Level
A score of 10
Two Talents
Two Levels
A score of 11
Three Talents
Three Levels
A score of 12
Four Talents
Four Levels
A score of 13
Five Talents
Four Levels
Very Wealthy

Step 8.2: One Roll Two the 5x 1d70 rolls are for determining what are the talents. The player gets the talents in the order they are rolled and only as many talents as rolled above.   

  1. Academic
  2. Alien Friend
  3. Allure
  4. Animal Friend
  5. Antiquary
  6. Artificer
  7. Bard
  8. Beast Master
  9. Born Entertainer
  10. Born Soldier
  11. Born Spacer
  12. Born Tactician
  13. Born to be Wired
  14. Born War Leader
  15. Business Acumen
  16. Circuit Sense
  17. Clown
  18. Computer Wizard
  19. Cyberneticist
  20. Evil Computer Talent
  21. Craftiness
  22. Cultural Chameleon
  23. Cunning Folk
  24. Devotion
  25. Driver's Reflex
  26. Empath
  27. Explorer
  28. Forest Guardian
  29. Gifted Artist
  30. Goodwife
  31. Green Thumb
  32. Healer
  33. Hot Pilot
  34. Impersonator
  35. Intuitive Admiral
  36. Jack of All Trades
  37. Intuitive Statesman
  38. Mariner
  39. Master Builder
  40. Mathematical Ability
  41. Memetics
  42. Mesmerist
  43. Mr. Smash
  44. Musical Ability
  45. Natural Athlete
  46. Natural Copper
  47. Natural Diver
  48. Natural Scientist
  49. Seafarer
  50. Occultist
  51. Outdoorsman
  52. Pickaxe Penchant
  53. Poet
  54. Pop Cultuer Maven
  55. Sage
  56. Smooth Operator
  57. Social Scientist
  58. Spirit Talker
  59. Stalker
  60. Strangler
  61. Street-Smart
  62. Street Smarts
  63. Super Spy
  64. Superior Equilibrioception
  65. Survivor
  66. Talker
  67. Tough Guy
  68. Trivia Sponge
  69. Truth-Seeker
  70. Wizkid

Step 8.3: Roll Three determines the level of Talent, this is in the order of valid rolls .

Step 8.4: Roll Four is for the Player Perk rolls
Players gain perks for what they do to help Facilitate the Game.

Leader and Lieutenant Responsibilities
  • Read up on Chapter 4 (ISW69), Chapter 7 (ISW159), Chapter 8 (ISW 169).
  • Make the Business Plan, Get the other players support and Lead the team.
  • He/She organizes the players.
  • Lieutenants fill the role of the Leader when absent, and share in the work to reduce the load.
  • The thoughly the book is read the better, feel free to ask the GM any questions.

Chronicler and Lieutenant Chronicler Responsibilities
  • Chronicle the adventure. Ideally two voices and point of views reporting on what is happening.
  • Take in game notes for the other players.
  • Lieutenants Chronicler fill the role of the Leader when absent, and share in the work to reduce the load.
  • The thoughly the book is read the better, feel free to ask the GM any questions.

Leader and Lieutenant Perk

  • Leader rolls 4d keep the best 3d; Gains 3 ranks of Merchant.
  • Lieutenant rolls 4d keep the worse 3d; Gain 2 ranks of Merchant.
    Leader and Lieutenant Perk
    Increase Wealth level by 1 Step
    Increase Wealth level by 2 Steps
    Increase Wealth level by 3 Steps
    Increase Wealth level by 4 Steps
    Increase Wealth level by 5 Steps

    Past Filthy Rich, every level increase multiplies wealth by x3.

    Chronicler and Lieutenant Chronicler Perk
    • Chronicler rolls 4d keep the best 3d
Lieutenant Chronicler rolls 4d keep the worse 3d
3d Roll
Chronicler and Liutenant Chronicler Perk
10 cp worth of Signature Gear
10 cp worth of Non-Mental or Non-Phsyical Advantage
10 cp worth of Cybernetics
20 cp worth of Cybernetics
10d cp worth of Psionics

Step 9: the character has -30cp worth of default disadvantages. These advantages may be bought off but cannot be swapped for another disadvantage. Please detail or provide specifics notes to each disadvantage. The character may gain up to -20 more points from disadvantages.

  • Sense of Duty: small group B153 [-5]
  • Code of Honor B127, Discipline of Faith B132, or Minor Vow B160 [-5]
  • Intolerance [-5] B140
  • Duty (12) [-10] B133
  • Pacifism: Cannot Harm Innocents [-10] B148

Step 10: The player has 80 character points to spend on Basic Attributes, Secondary Abilities, Advantages, Skills and Techniques. There is 100cp if the character has 20cp more disadvantages. Consider the following house rules prior to proceeding.
  • Characters default as Terran humans of TL10.
    • Average wealth is $50,000, with only 20% or $10,000 being disposable
    • Character begin with Area Knoledge appropriate to their background for free at IQ+0.
  • Cybernetics. In character creation the character needs only to pay for the point cost, and can only spend up to 5cp, Characer must buy unusual background of 10cp to be able to spend up to 15cp more, for a total of 20cp maximum.
  • Basic Attributes: DX, IQ, Per, and Will, and Talents cost Tripple to purchase or improve. DX and IQ cost 60cp each, and Per and Will cost 15cp each. Talents that cost 15cp now cost 45cp, 10cp now cost 30cp, and 5cp now cost 15cp each.
  • No supernatural or alien advantages or disadvantages.
  • No Signature Gear (except as a Player perk).
  • Charisma costs 30cp per level.
  • All Character points must be spent, no shrodinger's advantage.

Step 11: Write up the Character, at least 100words then in the Character for Review. Feel free to submit a filled character sheet using and Send in also a “character actor portrait” options to the GM.

  • Extra Characters: Character Fatality is ON. Players can make extra character, if the player submits multiple characters the GM will randomly determine which character the player may use. A player may continue to submit characters after one has been approved. Ever additional character the player makes will need a connecting backstory or write up.
  • Every approved extra character character point to the Player (not the character) which he or she may float (not spend), use to buy a last minute skill or non-physical or non-mental advantage. On rare instances the GM might allow this point to be used to “Buy” success or negate failure.   

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