Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Star Mapping - Astrosynthesis cant work on my Linux

The Trial editions of Fractal Mapper and Fractal World explorer work on my linux thanks to Wine, but Astrosynthesis 3.0 doesn't. The program doesn't load.

Making a System Building Spreadsheet.
So that means I really have to make that spreadsheet that automates the world generation in ISW122. Thats going to take a while, and I'm not sure.  I'll have to buy GURPS 4E Space to be able to use the system generation there. Anyway It will take me a while to work towards building that toolkit.

I tried looking around and the spreadsheets that build star systems  and mostly found dead links.

My Ship building Spreadsheet for Experienced GMs is done.
I got tired with my ship building spreadsheet. You can only pour so many hours before it gets really old. Anyway I'm happy of the latest version and I will rest up before I update and double check all my old constructions.

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