Monday, October 24, 2022

Concept - Mneme Ships Book and Blender Files.

the dream is GODOT to automate this fully and make it visual (would probably cost couple of thousands USD to plan and 20x as much to execute). Imagine if you play Children of the Dead Earth or Nebulous Fleet Command and you get to Export the Ships into Blender and Create Scenes OR better the Ship Creation Program can Create Scenes for the GM to create Screen shots. 

BUT I'm prepared to make a Spreadsheet Ship Builder. I noticed there are more Developer TRPGers than guys who are in between - guys who use a lot of Spreadsheets. 

The Product is a 5% Ship Building Rules, 10% the Spreadsheet to automate this, the REST are Ships in Blender, Ship Maps, and 5% Scenarios Referees can just RUN.  

Imagine a Referee uploading a number of renders and pictures of ships to their VTT account. Setting up the MAPs, and then planning the encounters in 30 mins. Running ship-centric scenarios. 

I want a product - where people can really build their 

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