Saturday, October 8, 2022

ship problems - traffic in the star system

Spreadsheet for cepheus engine ships
So I was supposed to use Orbital but I ran into problems 
1) I want ships to render for the scenes but orbital lacked the details as compared to Cepheus engine SRD
2) orbital CE TL9 is inappropriate for the setting. MNEME TL9 is CE TL8.5 ish. I want to put ships like the spacex starship being old models that are in use for hundreds of years.

So the delay will cause the following 
1) review the math and science in atomic rockets about rocket equation and launch equations and engine performance.
2) make the incremental engines for mneme TL7 to 10.
3) implement it on a ship and an easy and simple overhead calculation of ship ops.
4) work with nicco for the for the ships and renders.

People buying Mneme world generator will have the files that will let them render more scenes appropriate for their game and we provide a harder scifi play ground for GMs to dip their toe in or get what they like. 

The goal is to get to Platinum adding incremental improvements in Mneme World Generator spending more than what it makes in making a better and better product.

Doing it again and again until enoigh people like the stuff and would support us in our venture into hard scifi ships. 

If I can get 1000 people to buy it at 5-10 usd and Thats 6.5-3.25 usd after drivethru rpg that would be 3-6000 usd probably closer to 3000 usd. Probably lucky to get to gold 

That is basically is how our plan is going to go. I probably will sink that amount from my pocket as much as people buying it.

The game is a vehicle for an audience to know we exist and we make this kind of product. 

You will have tools to make a hard scifi setting procedurally generated (reminds me we can make more intuitive controls for planet customization) and with blender files to render the ships and planet's and stars you will use for the game.

You will spend probably 30-90 minutes a week per prep for a 3-6 hour session.

You will have so much material procedurally generated you the GM won't know how the story will end. You will be surprised as procedurally generated details affect its direction.

That's the goal. Every week or so, you will sit down with people run a game that is easy to run filled with visuals and references. You have time to gawk at the science or get caught up Ina story you won't know how it will end.

Lets say we get to 3.25 * 250 (electrum) 812usd of royalties. I'd probably would have spent that plus it's equivalent making drafts, prototypes and renders.

What's intersting is that at around electrum it would be a very different product with all these files and add ons. Nicco would probably make character portraits to test out his tablet. 

We will fix the Cepheus skill system - i come from hard science stuff and gurps. I will detail things like stealth, and many other missing skills in CE in some add on.

We will make this spreadsheet able to generate ships easily and will make some graphics for the parts and components. Nicco specializes in information design and will plan to stand out that you get a lot of world building detail.

I am the head of QA and IT and Quality management systems at work I'm obsessed with SOP, maintenance, ops cost, efficiency and humane working conditions - you will see how I believe you can make a decent living doing technical stuff while 99% of the market is made up of ass holes looking to exploit everyone else.

As I fix the family biz it and ops systems I have very strong opinions of how there is so much rent seeking behavior (economic term for non productive or value adding way of making money) and my experience of dangerous corporation, crimal activity, and exploitation will find its way in the challenges.

I have constant inspiration of really dumb and dangerous situations businesses get into and I love the case studies - as I teach student interns and share my knowledge with school. In the TRPG I get to pose it as a challenge.

If you guys like what me and nicco make hopefully we can make this a biz and I can teach IT, Design, and Biz Ops part time and do this part time to make ends meet.

I don't want to deal with corporate exploitation and stupidity any more. I want to make it villains in a TRPG and not my reality.

I still do my open source advocacy and problem solving since I love solving real world problems to show that most large corporation focus on exploitation and its in the SME that actually push innovation. SME + open source communities  is probably where most of the tech will come from.

I love handling problems If I get the ability to put boundaries and say enough is enough. Ships in Cepheus Engine is that vehicle - the ability to say "fuck this, I'm outa here!!!" 

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