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Reference Document for Milestones and Deliverables of Mneme

 221015 Milestones for Game in the Brain Mneme

😅😅😅 I had a hard time finding my Milestones Targets. (this is not binding. i will realize I bite off more than we can chew - while being conservative makes you Look smart because you didn't fail - I am for looking stupid. If I am conservative to look smart - that means I'm not taking enough risk. I will be ambitious and Look stupid and hopefully the audience is for people who don't the publisher looking stupid and amateur 😅😅😅 )

Cepheus Engine Mneme is pretty much open source creative commons share alike must attribute. The material here is designed to not just run games conveniently but world builds quickly for your games or writings. The materials - blender files and spreadsheets and information design and process design- is I believe our strengths (we are working on the mainstream strengths: marketing and of storytelling).
I dont mind Teaching users to use the spreadsheet and blender files - if I can make your game easier or allow you to make Blender Renders for your game - or a lot of procedurally made details - I will schedule to help you out. (teaching open Source, students, and employees new skills is my thing at work).

Metal Tier



Additional Notes

Copper (50 sales)

3 systems based on the Near Space by Stellagama publishing (2 parscs away).
Set in 2500 Common Era in the Mneme TL which is Cepheus Engine TL9.5.
At least 3 points of interest per system. 

At least 2 story hooks per point of interest (6 story hooks, following Seth Skarkowsky approach which I will standardize the checklist of what should be included in  Hook)

Affording Nicco’s Tablet (XPpen-15.6)


At least 3 NPCS per story hook (18 NPCs) using our Point Based Cepheus Engine Character creation from Mneme Variant Combat Rules for a quick creation. 

Silver (100 sales, 50 additional)

325usd of royalty payments (6.5usd per 10usd sale for 50 additional sales)

7 Additional Systems (3 parsec from sol)

Electrum (250 sales, 150 additional)

975usd of royalty payments (6.5usd per 10usd sale for 50 additional sales)
- We can only get here by word of mouth. Very unlikely within Justins capability to plug the product can make people want to buy this more than 5-6/month.

-I will need to make the Point based character gen Spreadshet to be able to make a character in a few seconds. 

-I will need to fix the Cepheus Engine TL8.1 to TL8.9 Tech - and convert the SRD ships into such ships and Nicco will model them with Daniel Grove’s Kitbash kits. 

13+ additional systems (4 parsec from sol)

  • If this many people buy the product we probably will be swamped by support and correction tickets and we will have to hire people to help us improve it. 

  • Dedicated Spreadsheet person. 

  • An additional editor. 

  • Some part time admin assistant helping consolidate this. 

  • Profits go to paying for our Game in the Brain Google workspace annual fees. 

Gold (500 sales, 250 additional sales)

1625usd of royalties.
- word of mouth is the only way to get here in less than a year. 

- we will publish a youtube stream of our game with the copper tier material and how I prepared the game - how i prepared the game in 30-90mins in a week (setting up my roll20).

6 additional systems (5 parsecs from sol)

2013-08-19 Sci-FI Notes will be updated with the improved Tech level set up and go through rounds of editing. 

  • Probably paying down all our technical debt. Hopefully we can do it purely with the Royalties (which is paid out 30 days after they are made. I cannot out of pocket this as this amount of money is very significant for someone from the Philippines)

  • If I get enough support I can probably make a video of me running a 5-6 session stream Preppeing and running a game. If not I’ll get a friend Arj’s Game Room 

Platinum (1000 sales, 500 additional sales)

3,250usd of royalties
Helping nicco afford something better than his 2015 i5 Laptop.

All the systems 6 parsecs from Sol

  • Probably paying down the debt and Marketing. 

  • Marketing - while doesnt add more product - its necessary because you what ever people follow us - they wont grow in number unless they evangelize - and we can’t expect that. We have to evangelize our product.

  • Creating cut scenes per System with planets, models and ships in Blender Evee in a “Production Setting” and having the files available for download (so the users can swap out the models for their own).    

Mithril (2,000 sals, 1000 additional sales)

6,500 of royalties. 

All the systems 7 parsecs from Sol. 

Around this time - a lot of Youtube material, and cut scenes. 

If other youtubers and reviewers are not talking about then probably we will not reach mithril in a year from the last milestone. 


19,500 of royalties. 

All the systems 8 parsecs from Sol. 

If we make this much money we can probably afford to do a Job analysis of the Ship Builder program that will be made in GODOT. The goal is - You can make Cepheus Engine Hard Scifi ships (more similar to Expanse as hard scifi ships goes) and Export the Stats, model, and Maps.
Then costing for the GODOT Cepheus Engine Ship generator. The objective of this is that Any Scifi geek can make ships for both their Games and Scifi Writings. 

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