Wednesday, October 26, 2022

Design Intent in Game Mechanics - Objective Based Design

 One of the Interesting things about Matt Easton Analysis is converting the Strengths (and Weaknesses) of Spears into Game mechanics. 

Did you encounter a Game System that was Hard to understand - because it didn't seem to have a Goal or It Failed to State a goal? (Goals are Criteria to test if the Actions OR Conditions still met the intent - when actions or conditions failed the criteria - we select other courses of action). 

Typically when designing Game mechanics we start with reasonable assumptions:  

   2 Parties of Equal level and then to begin Detailing the Factors and Deciding "Nah that's too complicated, and lets handwave that" or "We want this Advantage/Disadvantage so the players have this option". 

What for me is strange is when there is no System in designing Mechanics. In writing Mneme Variant Combat rules (MVC) for Cepheus I had a Workflow, Impact Analysis of current Cepheus Engine Combat, and outcomes I wanted. This comes from the experience of having Tried one of the most detailed and Trying to be realistic Combat Systems - GURPS and learning from its Problems when just because its Realistic it proceeded to apply the Modifiers - failing to take into account Scope and Option and Power Creep - as well as the greater Learning Curve (that comes with Option Creep). 

In Mneme Variant Combat rules - the goal is to Simplify with:  

  1. Superiority who had the best Conditions (Numbers of Forces, Terrain, Position). 
  2. Advantage and Disadvantages were based on the Options the Player Took and of course Their Skill and Abilities as the Base.  

Players feel Rewarded if they were Strategic -- Getting Superiority in Position, Numbers, or Timing OR they Get rewarded with Adv if they take certain options ON top of their Skills and Equipment.

The MVC tries to emphasize: "Breathe, now simplify who has Superiority and by how much, and does the PC have Adv/Dis?* Then proceed to roll" Let your Mental Resources focus on making this ROUND engaging to the Players - Dont let the dice and rules get in the way! You only have to roll one resolution (you still roll its damage and consequences). You should have more ability to tell if your storytelling is working or if you need to change your approach. 

*who has the advantage. If PC, PC rolls with advantage. if the Opposing forces have an advantage the PC rolls at a disadvantage. 

Mnemosyne  the Muse of MEMORY is the main theme of our Product Line. The tools, the arrangement, the entire Strategy is to make sure: you can run games because you have a smaller mental load with the less valuable things (the rules and mechanics) - to be able to use more of your mental resources to engage the players. 

The book waxes into a lot of lessons in tactics in the APPENDIX from 9 years of airsoft, fps with my same airsoft team, and of course my background in kali and limited tournament experience; I still do a tactical and strategic analysis of our MechWarrior Online games which we have a channel of Tier 5 MWO player ; the critical thinking skills should work in Airsoft, HEMA battles, FPS shooters which require 20-40ping and 0.2 second reaction time, Nebulous Fleet Command or Children of the Dead Earth, OR marshaling resources for Projects or Operations - like a knife being so versatile it can be used for anything or create suitable tools to do anything. 

Academy of Historical Fencing


Biomechanics Qualities

  1. Reach 
  2. Speed of Pivot vs having more arm movement.  
  3. its Length Leverage
  4. Ability to be used as an Effective Ranged Weapon, allowing for the secondary weapon and shield to be used offensively (An Opportunity attack)

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