Tuesday, October 25, 2022

Price increase as the cost increase, only after milestone.

I'll be raising the prices when we hit silver because the add-on is pretty huge.

Every system will have the following 
1) 1 map 
2) 2 locations equal to renders and models of planet's and/or habitats. 
3) 2 hooks/adventures per system - prepared according to Seth Skorkowsky standard: PC stakes to push/pull them, set up, conflict, escalation, etc. And timeline 
4) 6 NPC that push/pull the PCs through the story and the system. User instruction how to have active NPCs. 
5) Player Map 
6) Player Handout 

This costs more than much as a month's salary here and it's not something I can advance (since I'm family I'm a discounted IT plant Director, Quality Management Head, Safety Officer, and Project Manager, I live in a 79sqm unit) I pay for all my services in advance and take all the risk (which is uncommon everywhere) even if I earn Philippine rates.

The product will have the following. 
1) Booklet pdf (made with LibreOffice it's fully featured; map, gm info)  
2) Npc tokens  
3) Player map  (less gm information)  
4) LibreOffice file of the booklet  
5) Npc psd/gimp files  
6) Map psd/gimp files (for easy changes)  
7) blender files of rendered assets (planets and stations. In case the GM has to make changes and rerender).
8) player handout

I did the costing and I will run GITB to the ground if the cost to produce an add-on is far far less than the cost of additional sales. 

The tablet was a huge cost (wiped out a lot) but necessary. You can guess 300usd tablets and Addon against 50 sales at 6.5 usd royalty was negative. 

You Will notice we build planet generators, spreadsheets, and tools to better automate and improve the consistent quality to the art and product. We make a style guide and a standard for writing. We Invest in tools to make the product better - of course isntead of an R&D team a company would have its me guessing using occams razor and various heuristics of cost-benefit analysis. 

Silver add on will be add about half to a third of its stand alone cost. So the Mneme world generator will increase to about 13 usd after the 3 system because the 3 system is going to cost around 6usd and the stand alone pay what you want will have only one system and is 2usd (Pwyw, 10% actually tip) but the Dtrpg algorithms are more generous with those who give free bees. 

That means in the 7 system add on it's going to add 7 usd for 20usd when or if we hit electrum. 

Basically, those who got us to the next tier get a discount, since they are not paying the additional cost of that material. 

Right now at copper. 
We release the add-on. As the 3 system is for the copper. 

When we hit silver The price increases to 13usd. All those who got us to silver get it at the 10usd they initially bought it. 

When we hit electrum. The price rises to 20 as 7 more systems and other add ons are included. All those who got it to bring us to electrum got the add-on at 13usd. 

This rewards the earliest people who bought in, and the people who joined helps pay for the add on costs.

So the sales are just Break even 😅😅😅 for the next tier. The more than break even is the people tipping and buying the stand alone. 

I have to give offerings to the Stand alone and Pwyw! I'll come out with my sales figure and pivot tabling and analysis as a youtube video in the future. 

The long march towards getting to 44,000usd/year of royalties (2000 people need to like our stuff to have invested in to Cepheus Engine, spend 34usd per year on our material, and come back). 

I realize at 20usd it would be difficult to hit Gold. Why would you spend 20usd on the Mneme World generator? Because of the 10 systems above is eaisier to use? It's not as pretty as Mgt stuff - our stuff has to be made with LibreOffice in mind and you can have our writer files. I honestly don't know. 

Heck, why would 40 people pay 10usd for Mneme world generator now? 

Will I cap it at 20usd? Will I include ships to Mneme World Generator and spin it off as a PWYW and stand-alone? I don't know. 

This is not my full-time job, although I would love it to be... 

Would you support a publisher who makes their models available, the raw files, the psd files, already prepared for VTT upload in mind, spreadsheet tools, and pays upfront, makes tutorials (of course in paying Philippines rates 😅). 2 guys with occasional freelancing (typically for the codes). 

Would 2000 people care about that? Unlikely - do you see people caring about that now? No. So the value is in the product? Do you see anyone giving spreadsheet tools, blender tools, and models? No. 

What do the most of people who buy traveller? They want to be taken to far off worlds - the fluff - but who is going to make that fluff actionable as game prep in a very organized way? Who is going to make sure you have an easy time uploading to VTT and can visualize the flow or text? 

Buy fluff and get game in the brain products. 

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