Friday, October 28, 2022

World Gen Spreadsheet Under Maintenance

 Spreadsheet Under Maintenance

  1. Everything Above Row 82 is still usable. 
  2. Removed all the appscript dice after Row 82. Will use Appscript to Cut and Paste the Randbetween instead. This is easier to fix in the long run instead of troubleshooting every cell. I can fix entire columns of random values this way. 
    1. the macros are in, I just need to test them - up to 15+ of them. 
    2. then I have to fix the tables. 
  3. Turned off OnEdit
  4. I need to fix all the broken References. 
  5. 221029 Roll Keep with Functions instead of Javascript

This is how I spent my Friday night 😅😅😅

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