Saturday, October 29, 2022

Uploaded the LibreOffice Files and Spreadsheet in Mneme Variant Combat Rules.

 Frustration with some books. So My GM got to using Swords and Wizardry and I found it such a waste of time to re-encode all the Equipment for the Loadout of our Characters. 

This is the pivot table of our Spreadsheet
I got pissed off having to Re-encode a bunch of things, AND I HAVE TO FIX THE WORLD GEN Spreadsheet. Here is the sheet I have to ready for our game.  Imagine having to ENCODE all of that crap to be ready for a game. No fucking way. 

Anyway, I'm going native and not have a Loadout ready, I'm fucking too busy for that. Game in the Brain will make sure you get our spreadsheets and tools, and make tutorials how it is used. When you buy our stuff, all the conveniences.

I need to fix it up though: the spreadsheet which has all the Planets in SOL and their mass and relative sizes, the calculations, my math notes, etc... I'll fucking share it. Know that we're not the smartest guys in the industry - but you really see what it really takes us to make our product. By seeing what you get, you can decide if we are worth the dollars.  

So Basically I said: FUCK IT - I want to be the Louis Rossman of TRPG publishing. Nothing shady, and you get what you should with the product.  

Why not share: People will get the Book and make their own RPG out of it, making minor edits. Go ahead, edit it and publish a Better Product its Creative Commons share alike: Give us IDEAS, help us improve our product.

Its just Me and Nicco - 2 Filipinos in a 3rd world country. The impact is just us. 

Feel free to Copy. I realize there are GMs like Seth Skorkowsky that make a lot of handouts and sheets. and some GMs need to access his material to help in their game. 

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