Saturday, October 15, 2022

thank you for the 6 who bought this month (total 66 to date)

We are at 66 sales, averaging about 5.5 per month after Sept.

The 3 systems are now in its first draft, we will polish it up and nicco will start making the planet renders, space stations, and the npcs. You will have a good number of npcs, we will be using Mneme Variant Combat rules to quickly generate NPCs using Cepheus engine - not random because the NPCs are for story and adventure hooks.

After I fix the spreadsheet I will proceed to the ships, we will convert the SRD ships to pre-TL9 ships. That will come late becuase I need to make a spreadsheet to make it easy and pretty and easy to format.
Also with all the details and options.

You will have ships. And if you like it enough that we sell at gold or platinum we hope to make a book dedicated to ships and ship building. Again spreadsheets to make it easy.

I would need a Kickstarter to make a Godot traveller ship generator that makes ship Visually! (and it won't be cheap at 15-20k usd) and it would be like our products - continuous polish.

But the goal is that you guys get products you won't get anywhere else because you have a weirdo (as our hobby goes) who loves the biz and slice of life aspect of traveller and can do 3d.

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