Thursday, October 6, 2022

Get into Cepheus Engine and get published.

Louis Rossman talks about Trying and wearing our failures like a badge of honor. I would give some advice and help (consulting and problem solving) getting people to make something out of Cepheus Engine and get Published. I've also gotten rejected a lot (it was hard getting published in GURPS and it was so hard to teach people gurps). Get into Cepheus Engine and get published - an open-sourced system like CE is a great platform to put your own spin to RPGs. 

Notable Failures 
  •  Sins of the Crusade Play List 11th Century Roman Constantinople Campaign - before I discovered Christian Cameron (recommending the Tom Swan) and Bernard Cornwell (Saxon Series). 
  • War Beneath Heaven I wanted to RUN Africa setting so I had to make a Fictional one that was hodge-podge as I learn more about African History. It was a Modern Fantasy - which my current favorite is Seth Skorkowsky's Valducan Series and Ashes of Onyx. I want to run modern Fantasy kitchen sinks but push the limits - seeing a robust magic and supernatural element that can work with real world constraints.  
  • Warring States Inspired by Qin The Warring States and of course my Chinese studies. 

If I had money to pay for a GM service I would have gotten to play a Modern Indian, Vietnamese, Thai, Nigerian, Kenyan,  etc... where the GM gives us a lot of sessions to learn more about the setting - the way I can give this kind of In-depth Philippine set games. 

You will notice I will try to get CE to have a lot of Blender, Programming and in the future GODOT tools to make the GMs job easier and easier. 

if you followed the videos you will notice a pattern where I would learn a ton of stuff and completely forget them like Vancian magery. Imagine a life of forgetting subjects of mastery as soon as the need passes. 

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