Sunday, October 30, 2022

Mneme World Generator Docx File Now Included in Purchase

I dont know how many of you get frustrated when you are copy-pasting text, tables, or want to make notes and changes for your campaign given the material. Game in the Brain will make sure you get the writer/word file of the product so you can easily make those edits or upload those notes. 

Frustrated changing and organizing Equipment Lists and Table Materials for your game, We will include our spreadsheet notes. 

For Future Inclusions

after we cleaning it up and make it presentable. Help us sell more and so we can afford the math and astrophysics consulting services I'll need to clean it up. 
  1. 211221 Asteroids to Super Earths   
  2. Science and Math Notes - basically what I used because sadly my day job doesn't have this much math and science. Its all Social Problem solving and Diplomacy and Admin rolls, these are very neglected skills. 
  3. 211007 CE Ships All the standard ships in CE SRD are here with double checking of its math (found some problems). We will convert them TL7 to TL8 with Reaction Engines and Nuclear Fission ( Notes from World Nuclear

MNeme World Generator   
MNeme variant Combat Rules 
Pay What you want 6 Combat Career Cards  
Cepheus Engine 24 Career Cards 

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