Monday, October 31, 2022

World Generator Spreadsheet Update Oct 31, Helping Out


  1. so I removed the javascript dice script because it was tedious. This means if there was a problem it would be tedious to fix. 
  2. I replaced it with Randbetweens AND a javascript that Copy pasted the column data to dice value cells. Randbetween will always change on edit of the sheet, but if you Copy Values only to another cell with Javascript - this stops the value from changing. 
  3. I fixed up all Planetary Systems - the Type of Star (OBAFGKM) determines how many Planetary Systems: Circumstellar Disks to Gass Worlds and their Mass.  
  4. UPDATED: removed all the OPTIMISTIC HABITABLE ZONE as it is a Class of Zones. they are replaced with COLD ZONE. 
Remaining Tasks
  1. All the Column Copying Scripts will be Triggered by the Master Function "pRollStellar"
  2. Get the Menu to Work (It will make testing Faster)
  3. Habitation Calculation for the Other Terrestrial Planets. 
  4. Habitation for Dwarf Worlds
  5. Fix Position for the Planetary Systems. 
  6. Update the Change Log

This script would be required for every CELL! this is not practical, and if I adjust the Rows I would need to adjust the script. 

This copied a Column of Data to another Column. Hence the new layout. 

I need to study how this works. 

Helping Out

So I got in contact with Other small time publishers like Game in the Brain. We don't mind sharing our procedures or asking us why we have these procedures and methods. Actually we're hungry for feedback (constructive of course).  When your also a small time publisher, you learn a lot from other Small Time publishers who are willing to talk about their experiences. 

Blender - I don't know if I mentioned this: We've trained Students to use Blender, Students and we tried Teaching Staff Blender. Typically they are IT: Graphic Design students. But we are learning to teach others like Engineering and Industrial Design and Architecture. Our Product: World Generator, has blender files which I don't mind walking through it for buyers - they get to meet the regular individual who made it and help them understand it. 

We share and help  out others, our self-interest is in improving our skills rapidly by understanding more problems than our own circumstances. This is how I got good in my regular job - helping others gave me more problem sample sets which gave me more context for my skills - and thus accelerated its practice - instead of being stuck on just my problem. 

But that's Us, its not applicable to everyone. As I mentioned to one of the people we were trying to help out: I'll show you how to use LibreOffice to layout, optimize the Use of Drivethru RPG's sales analysis and marketing reach, and of course share our knowledge of Blender. 

Whats strange is that - Only one person took us on our offer so far. Which is interesting. So typically people POST their previews, there is NO INTENT on feedback. Because Feedback and SETBACKS add to the work. That's TRUE: it adds to the work BUT... and this is where my experience from work is that - it can reflect in SALES - every problem you FIX is a Potential Selling point for your product to Increase Sales. The question is - Do you have the Ability to Connect Potential Sales and Problems - do you have the Framework of Requirements Analysis and Scope Management to Customer Satisfaction/Demand? 

Every problem is ADVERTISING you fixed that problem. Every problem you fixed is TRACK RECORD of you ability to fix and address Problems. Its the XP to Level 5, every goblin killed or every dungeon explored.  I'm always struck by the INABILITY of people to imagine or understand the context of their actions AT WORK - how they create or remove bottlenecks, setbacks, simplicity or complexity. 

Of course, We're the weirdos who have Game in the Brain and think in this way 😅 (finding 2000 other weirdos who would like to check out our products is the journey). 

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